Zipper Head

This picture was taken a few days after my first brain surgery, in Hong Kong.  The bandages slipped off at one point in the night, and when I reached up to pull them back down I felt something… square and metallic in my skull.  They hadn’t mentioned the staples, so when I went into the bathroom and turned the light on imagine my surprise.

I kindof wanted to keep them… or at least keep them long enough so I could walk into the toughest most badass biker bar in the world, throw my hands up in the air and just be like “WHAT!?”  Nobody wants to fuck with the guy with 50 staples in his head.  Possibly out of fear, but more likely out of pity.

Anyway, this being the most bitchin’ haircut I have ever had or will ever have, I feel like it should be represented here.

They took the staples out with an actual staple remover.  (It didn’t hurt, amazingly.  Just felt like man with very small hands pulling your hair a little bit.)

Here’s said staple remover, along with my brain staples (I saved them so I could make a necklace and sell it on Etsy):