How’s the Chemo/Radiation Going? Part Deux.

Ten days in and things are… well let’s just say that I hope it’s doing something to the brain chance, cuz it’s definitely doing something to the rest of me.

THE RADIATION is fine… if anything it’s nice to be strapped down to a table for 10 minutes every day without any phones ringing and nothing to do but think.  The ozone smell drives me a little bonkers (see this post for an explanation), but I’ve learned to breathe through my mouth right at the moment when the linear accelerator turns on.  Anyway, it’s kindof rad that I’m hooked up every day to something that has a “linear accelerator.”  (thanks to Howard  for digging up an answer to what the weird smell is.)

THE CHEMO is another story.  (I’ve decided to pronounce cheh-mo, rhymes with demo, since keemo just sounds too creepy and makes people think of IVs filled with hydrochloric acid).

It’s not all that bad, but it’s kinda bad.  What it does is basically produce a light but perpetual feeling of nausea.

You know that feeling that you get like waaaaaay in the beginning of getting sick, when you feel a little dizzy and your mouth maybe starts to water and you think “oh, weird, am I going to get sick?”

It’s like that, just all the time.

In addition to the Temodar pills that I take every night (that’s the che-mo), they also gave me Zofran, which is supposed to control the nausea.  I’m not sure it does, but then again I’m not sure it doesn’t because I’m afraid to not take it.

I spoke with my doctor yesterday, and he said there are a few other things we could try to control the nausea, one of which was medical marijuana.  I don’t really feel like being stoned all day to be honest (feeling clear headed and normal is the most wonderful feeling in the world to me right now) but I’m tempted to get a prescription just because I love the idea of having pot prescribed by one of the top Neuro-Oncologists in the country.  Most people who walk into the weed shops have prescriptions from Doctor Nick, but mine would be legit.  You know, from Doctor Who.  (Incidentally, if I haven’t mentioned this, my doc’s name is Dr. Hu.  Pronounced “who.”  Which is so bitchin I can’t even deal.  The ringtone on my phone when he calls is this.  He fights my brain chance with a magical space traveling phone booth.)

So to answer the question, it’s going OK.  Kinda sucks, but could certainly be worse.

One thought on “How’s the Chemo/Radiation Going? Part Deux.

  1. Dear Chad,

    Here is some of the stuff I heard from you today.

    1. you’re having ALL your blood drained from your body, run through a machine, and returned to your body over a three hour period. out through the right arm and in through the left. keith richards supposedly does this twice a year in a clinic in switzerland. i forget how regularly you do this (daily, weekly?). i’m curious if you will catch up.
    2. you have 21 more days of treatments and 30 more days of pills. every fifteen to twenty minutes you are hit with nausea that distracts you for about one minute. if nothing changes, you will experience nausea another 1920 times. then it will be gone.
    3. tomorrow you will be 1/3 of the way through your treatment.
    4. smoking marijuana is a great distraction from the nausea but you also wonder if it isn’t a distraction from life as well.
    5. you are a fan of the 2011 black cadillac dts. the smell of the burnt rubber from its tires does not make you nauseous.
    6. today i may have been the captain, but you were and will always remain one bad-ass navigator.


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