Round 1 Complete: Lifting The Velvet Fog

Time to celebrate with… another nap!

It gets to the point where you can’t help but find the humor in rolling out of bed, having a cup of coffee, looking outside at another beautiful sunny day, stretching your arms above your head and, having accomplished absolutely nothing and only been awake for seventeen minutes, saying “man am I beat, time to hit the sack!”

It’s a weird, preternatural kind of sleepiness, as if someone has focused some kind of futuristic energy-sapping ray gun on you and… hey waitaminute, that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.  Good thing that one of the side effects of this futuristic energy-sapping ray gun is apparently the ability to kill cancer.

Well anyway the six weeks are up, so that’s good.  They say the tiredness will start to wear off in about a week, so I’m choosing to delay any real celebration until the first day  I don’t feel like I just shotgunned a gallon of NyQuil.  I am very much looking forward to that day.

As for now, the nausea and other stuff seems to be mostly gone, which is great.  And as for the sleepiness, as I mentioned before it’s not a totally unpleasant feeling, so with all due respect to Mel Torme I think I’m just going to refer to this period of my life as “The Velvet Fog.”

As in:

Berooz and Jethro stood upon the rock at Cedars Sinai and they spake unto their disciple Charles, saying unto him: ‘The trial of forty two days and forty two nights has passed.  Soon the velvet fog will be lifted, and thou shalt emerge from thine sleep cave, seeking merriment and regular exercise and no more old episodes of The Larry Sanders Show.’  And Charles thanked them for their kindness and wisdom and kneeled before them and in doing so promptly fell asleep, drooling on their shoes.

This is true: Berooz and Jethro are the actual first names of my doctors, and both of them are biblically badass.

Anyway, now that I’m done with this round of treatment, what comes next?

The short answer is a lot, and (as you can now probably imagine) my eyelids are getting a little too heavy at the moment to really get into the long answer.  So I’ll save that for tomorrow.  The best I think I can muster at the moment is another old episode of The Larry Sanders Show.  Or maybe Arrested Development.  (I’m on a Jeffrey Tambor marathon at the moment.  Apparently he’s the spirit animal of The Velvet Fog.)

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