Take a brainchance and stick THIS in your armpit!

So it’s too bad I wasn’t diagnosed with this most aggressive form of brain cancer a few months earlier, or I totally could have made it onto the Sanjay Gupta, MD show on CNN.

This story just aired a few days ago–  it’s a profile on the experimental clinical trial that I’m currently enrolled in and that you better all be crossing your fingers I’m receiving instead of a lame unvoodoo’d placebo of witch hazel and Sparks Energy Drink.  (To this end, feel free to make highly “suggestive” {breathy and/or aggressive} middle of the night phone calls to the people at ImmunoCelluar Theraputics, Ltd.)*

*OK, I’m kidding about that– please let them focus on curing brain cancer.  I’m willing to play my chancey part in this whole roll-of-the-life-dice game; it’s the only way these trials can work.  But seriously, if you know any major shareholders…

Here’s the video (apologies for making you sit through the commercial).  This was all shot in the very same rooms where I get my armpits needled!  The is MY brain zone–  the Johnnie L Cochran, Jr. Brain Tumor Center at Cedars Sinai (yes, that’s really what it’s called).

Did you catch that adorable guy with the Sonic the Hedgehog haircut?  That’s Almar, the nurse who sticks those needles into my armpits.  I’ve been emailing with him since I was in the hospital in Hong Kong.  He is a true Brain Guardian, and very gentle with armpit injections in case you need to get any.

Unfortunately Doctor Hu doesn’t make an appearance, but his colleague (Johnnie Cochran’s brain surgeon) Dr. Keith Black makes a solid appearance.  Dr. Keith Black is one of the coolest people on the planet.  He’s the Pete Rose of brain surgeons– no one has sliced up more brains than this guy, unless there’s a zombie Julia Child.   How many brains has he sliced, you ask?  Oh, somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000.

Five thousand!

Point is, I’ve got a good team.  No offense to the wonderful folks in Kowloon, but I’m very grateful that the JLCJRBTC@CS just happened to be less than 4 miles from my house.  Talk about a brain chance.

Now let’s just hope this voodoo does the trick and I can appear on CNN 20 years from now (along with that lady and her kids) talking about how crazy it was back in 2012 when people were still scared of brain cancer.

That would be nice.

Shit– I make it that far, I’d even consider doing it on Fox News.

3 thoughts on “Take a brainchance and stick THIS in your armpit!

  1. i’m picturing really powerful anti-cancer juice flowing from your pit up to that brain and zapping that shit to high heaven.

  2. I’m bypassing the thought of the armpit entry and laughing at your potential appearance on Fox news many years from now….when everyone will realize how fortunate we were to get Obamacare passed! I am continually amazed by your strength of mind, body and spirit, knowing what it takes to get through the first 3 months of fighting a glioma. You rock.

  3. Psyched to hear you got into the trial! Hope that they give you the real stuff and your brain chance (but not your actual brain) shrivels up like a slug in a salt mine.

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