I’m Definitely Turning 37

A fact which, a year ago today, I would have been surprised to learn is coming as a bit of a relief.

One thing this whole experience has taught me is why people celebrate birthdays in the first place: what the cake and ice cream really means is “Holy shit, you’ve been around for ____ years and you’re still freakin’ alive!  Let’s drink and/or eat something!”

Never again will I dread the annual age uptick… for me from here on out December 28th is definitely always going to be a “whew!” moment, and not an “ugh.” moment.  (And all it took to learn that lesson was getting brain cancer!  One of the many wonderful benefits– I highly recommend it.)

The reason for my certainty that I will definitely soon transform into a 37 year-old is the result of my latest MRI, which looked a whole lot like the MRI I had a month before.  Stasis, you see, in the world of brain cancer, is a good thing.  A very very good thing.  When you’ve got a Free Wheelin’ Fast Actin’ Brain Chance swirlin’ around in your noggin, what you want it to do is not a goddamn thing.  You want it stay damn put.  Which mine, for the time being, seems to be doing.

What that means is either the treatment I’m doing right now is working, or that (however unlikely, or in fact impossibly) my two brain surgeries removed every single itty bitty trace of cancer, so there’s nothing to grow back.  Realistically this latter scenario probably isn’t the case, since I read somewhere (one of the best of the Horrible Internet Facts about Glioblastoma That You Really Shouldn’t Look Up) that this particular type of brain chance has a 100% recurrence rate.  How d’ya like them odds!

So yeah sure it might come back, but the good news for now is that ol’ Brain Chance ain’t doin’ much at the moment but lettin’ me be!

So, whew, yeah, that’s a relief.

Bring on the big 37!  Definitely my new favorite number.

5 thoughts on “I’m Definitely Turning 37

  1. That’s amazing news!!! And you know odds are only 100% until someone proves it otherwise and I have a strong sense that that someone will be you, then the odds will drop to 99%, then there will be someone else like you and it will be 98% and so on. Go Chad! You have to have a huge partaaay in LA for your 40th and we can all come out!

  2. Over the summer, my best friend celebrated her 21st birthday. “This is the last milestone birthday,” she mused. “There aren’t anymore exciting birthdays after this.” Her dad and her grandmother kept agreeing and saying things like, “I don’t want anymore birthdays,” “I don’t celebrate anymore,” and yadda yadda.

    I just stood there at the ice maker and said, “I’m never NOT going to celebrate a birthday.”

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