Made It!

Birthday!  Touchdown!  Peacock 37, Brain Chance 1.


Ever since I was a kid, I always defaulted to the number 37 when I needed a random number for something.  It just always seemed to clearly be the weirdest, most random number you could come up with.

I still think it’s a pretty weird, random number, but now I have to hope that it stays that way.  I was joking with a friend the other day that there would be some very intense personal twilight zone irony involved if 37 wound up being My Last Number.  (Although I think the 12 year old version of me would get a laugh out of that… and honestly in a way I think I would too.)

But that’s not to say we’re reaching the end of any sort of road here in downtown Brainchancington!  In fact there have been all sorts of lovely new beginnings happening lately.  2013, for example.

And so a Happy New Year to all of you!  I hope your poop today is as sparkly as mine.

(Note to self: Next time you’re grinning stupidly at a chorus line of dancers who appear to be exploding into bursts of glitter, confetti and balloons at midnight on New Year’s Eve, try to keep your mouth closed.  Unless you want sparkly poop, that is.  Oh and also cover the top of your champagne glass.  And your beer.  Hey, why are you double fisting it?  Because it’s New Years, why aren’t you?)

Since it is the time of year for celebration and rumination, here’s something I was ruminating on last night:  2012 was a pretty great year, all things considered.

First of all, it wasn’t boring.  Man was it not boring!

I can’t think of another year when I’ve experienced so much love, so much intense and beautifully overwhelming emotion, and so much growth (of both the tumorous and non-tumorous kind).

It’s 2013, and I’m still here.  (Sing to the tune of “Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don’t Care”)

On that note, I resolve on this first day of 2013 to be here in 2014.

And if this year is anything like the last one, I’m going to be a happy, happy man 365 days from now.  (With glitterless poop, if I’m any good at learning from experience.)  And I owe pretty much all of that to you.

Oh and one final note!  I forgot to update after my last brain-test, so I’ll do it super quick right now:  Brain Chance is relatively stable at the moment, so we keep on keepin’ on, one foot in front of the other like they teach us, like we teach us, and after all what feels better than moving forward, rounding corners, jumping over cracks, being not boring?  In the very least, it reminds us that we’re alive.

Terry Fox reminded me of that.

3 thoughts on “Made It!

  1. see you here next year…!!! Happy New Year..!!! your mom and I, are prayer warriors…..we pray for my son and you. …….so it does my heart good when I hear your doing good…..your prayer warrior……,.connie

  2. I’m from Singapore and I check your blog regularly to see how you are and also cos you are so incredibly funny!

    Just wanted to let you know that someone halfway around the world is rooting for you. Happy new year, here’s to an awesome one. So glad to hear of your latest news.

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