God Is In The Pattern, and The Pattern Is Good

“God is what’s good in me.” – John Gunther, Jr.

As an unashamed atheist it surprises me the comfort and solace I find in a Catholic church.  But when I ponder this (the structure, the history, the longevity, and my reaction to it) it takes no more than a moment to become completely unsurprised.  For…

God is no less real than anything we make to be true.

Because it is in this making, this fashioning (of imagination, or iron, or emotion or stone) that we find the pattern in life, and amongst the universe. 

And God is in the pattern, and the pattern is good.

We see with breathless awe the pattern in nature (a forest, a snowflake, human love, the human mind) and in our awe we seek to ascribe a name to it; a reason, a cause, an explanation.

But in our naming of the beauty and grace of the world, it is equally important for us to not forget:

That the beauty and the good which we make to be true is no less real than that which we see before us, and around us, with such breathless awe.

It is in our hands to make more of it.


Major duomo

6 thoughts on “God Is In The Pattern, and The Pattern Is Good

  1. Hey, Chad! I think your writing is very powerful. It kind of hits you out of nowhere. I read that you were treated at Cedars Sinai? Are you still in LA? I go to UCLA and I’d really love for you to speak here! Your voice/story needs to be heard.

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