The MRI on Tuesday looked good.  My brain looks clean.

A few days before that, on January 2nd, I finished the thing I’ve been desperately trying to finish in the event that I’ll soon be finished.  I’m extraordinarily proud of it.  There’s still a lot of work to be done, but I’m ready for it, excited about it, and so unbelievably thankful and aware of how lucky I am that I’ve managed to get this far.

And a few days before that, on December 28th, it was my birthday.   I turned 38.  To celebrate, I ran a marathon.  For the first time in my life.  In Newfoundland.  In the snow.  Mostly by myself, and mostly on the side of a highway.  It was pretty awesome.

Turns out writing can cure cancer.  And so can running.

More on all of this to come…

Trans Canada Highway east, somewhere around mile 10

Trans Canada Highway east, somewhere around mile 10

8 thoughts on “Incidentally…

  1. 38 was a good year. Now 62. Where has the time gone? Had my first nervious breakdown at around 40. Never missed a day of work though. In fact my wife and I adopted a baby during this time. Life takes a lot of twists and turns and always presents challenges. As the beer ad guy says, Stay thirsty my friend.

  2. Gator Bill: Chad’s dad looks so much like the beer ad guy, people ask him all the time if he’s him. Thanks for writing to our son. We are so proud he has been able to express himself and help “cure” himself with his writing. He certainly has touched, helped, “cured”, people all around the world. We are witnesses to an amazing brave young man, wise beyond his years.

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