I’m still alive!

Just thought I’d mention that, in case you were wondering.

A few people have asked about the blog recently, and I realized it was starting to look like one of those “Super Inspirational Blogs Written By a Glioblastoma Survivor Who Didn’t Really Survive!” that I mentioned awhile back.

So, to curtail that rumor… I’m still surviving!

And I have actually been writing!  A lot, in fact.

Just not here.

But soon, here as well.  Hopefully.

You know what’s the best thing about a ticking clock… if it’s ticking loudly enough, and you point yourself in the right direction, it can actually put wind in your sails.

(Apologies {or perhaps shout-outs} to The New Yorker “Block That Metaphor!” department.)




PS:  Thank you to my lovely friends for the photos, and the t-shirts, and the wind and the sails.  I couldn’t do any of this without you.

5 thoughts on “Hi!

  1. Was thinking a good bit about you and your blog lately and hoping to see a post. And here it is! Glad you’re well and writing! Thanks for your ongoing inspiration.

  2. How do you continue to bless all of us who read your blog with your inspiration, “spiritual” and humor? YOU give me the wind in my sails.

  3. Hi Charles, I listened to BBC Radio 4 just now – as a clarinettist, the subject matter caught my attention!

    I am so sorry for what you are going through and admire your positivity. You are truly inspirational.

    Sending you love and all good wishes,

    Sarah, London, UK

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