Those of you who know me well know my distaste for the rampant overuse of the word “amazing.”

“Oh my god these fucking cupcakes are AMAZING!

Shut up, no they’re not.  Unless they were baked with strains of wheat re-engineered from samples of 20,000 year old pre-Mesopotamian DNA– then they might be amazing.  Or, if they magically appeared in your hands in a giant poof of glittery chocolatey smoke right at the instant you thought to yourself that you kinda wanted a cupcake– those cupcakes would be literally amazing.

Somebody asked me recently if a piece of pizza or something I had in my mouth was amazing, and I dickishly responded “Sorry, I have really high standards for ‘amazing.’  The Grand Canyon?  That’s amazing.  Still being alive after three years with brain cancer– THAT is amazing.  The pizza?  It’s delicious.  It’s not amazing.”

I actually said that.  What a dick.

So when I realized a few minutes ago that three years ago — exactly three years ago today — I was in Hong Kong and I had just survived brain surgery and I posted my first entry on this blog, I made note of this on Facebook (because Facebook was the one who’d reminded me.  [And this is the last kind thing you’ll hear me say about Facebook this year]).

And what was the first response I got?  The very first response, within seconds?




When I saw this comment appear, I actually laughed out loud.  I don’t know if Nick wrote this on purpose because he knows about my dickish Take-It-Easy-On-Amazing crusade, but either way, he’s right.  (He’s literally correct.)

Three years with brain cancer is amazing.

Three years!  With brain cancer!

Time really flies when you’re being alive.

12 thoughts on “Amazing.

  1. Yay, you! Look forward with great anticipation to reading your April 14, 2022 post, and the day it’s NOT amazing that you’re still here. May it come quickly, and may you flourish in the meanwhile.


  2. Amen! Here’s to three more years, and three more after than, and just for good measure, three years after that. And by then, who knows what other amazing things will have hit the scene to treat or even, gasp, cure glioblastomas.

  3. Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary!
    I just celebrated year number two a few days ago. It was an “amazingly” typical day.😄
    Keep up the good fight!


  4. Time: What an :” amazing” concept! On 4-9 I had an anniversary (40th). The day I left Paris Island as a Marine. Happy Happy Happy. My point is: I don’t really know. Anniversaries. A time to look back and attempt to share that which is unshareable

  5. I feel the same way….I can’t stand the whole “amazing” everything!!! But…. This IS amazing! I think of you often and enjoy your updates!

  6. I’m so happy for you and for the life that you’re living so fully for those who can’t. Your outlook & attitude on your life & health serve as a model to others! Cheers!

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