Guess Who’s Having Brain Surgery Today?

This guy!



Did you ever just wake up on a random Tuesday morning, and think to yourself:
“You know what I’d REALLY like to do today?
What I’d REALLY like to do today is…

Have a nice, delicious breakfast!

Maybe some eggs, maybe some pancakes, maybe both… definitely some OJ and a really good cup of coffee.”

But then you think:

“Oh shit, I can’t do that, because I’m having brain surgery today and I can’t eat or drink ANYTHING!  I can’t even have a damn glass of water!”


You’ve never had that happen to you on a random Tuesday morning?

Well, I have.  In fact, that exact thing just happened to me this morning!

So color me extremely disappointed that I’m not having a delicious breakfast this morning.  Not even a damn glass of water!

But let’s look at the bright side– after my sad realization about no breakfast, my next thought was “Oooo I get to take a nice long nap this afternoon!”  (A six hour nap, to be precise.  Whilst mine brains are being sliced & diced like pork roll and scrambled eggs.  [Aw man, I’m hungry! I want some pork roll and scrambled eggs!])

Oh well.  I’ll have breakfast tomorrow.

So anyway, let’s get over this big breakfast shock and move onto the brain surgery thing…

So I’m having brain surgery.  NUMBER FIVE!  (yup.)   Around noon.  Today.
On an empty stomach.  (What a pain in the ass!)

No, but actually, breakfast or no breakfast, I’m kind of excited about the brain surgery thing.

Primarily, because 5 brain surgeries is cooler than 4.

But also, because it’s an option.  And that’s why I’m doing it:  because I can!

That may sound kind of twisted (there has been some debate around here if maybe I’m just one of those weird people who’s addicted to self-mutilation–in my case in the form of craniotomies), but what I really mean by “I’m doing it because I can” is this:

I’ve (still) got some brain cancer up there in my brain, as I’ve had pretty much continually for just over 4 years now, and it has grown a teeeeeeny little bit over the last six months or so.  It’s growing really slowly, which is really unusual for glioblastoma. So that’s good.

But because it’s still there, and because it still is entirely within a part of brain that you can pretty much entirely remove without messing anything up, the thought is this:

“Hey, why not skip breakfast and just have brain surgery today, and get that fuckin’ thing out of there so we don’t have to look at it anymore??”

So that’s pretty much what’s going on.

It’s good that this thing has only been growing extremely slowly.  And it’s very good that it hasn’t grown (or leapt) into any other parts of my brain– because there are MANY parts of your brain that you can NOT remove without seriously messing things up.

So while my little brain chance is still… let’s call it “slow and accessible,” we just decided last night to skip breakfast and have a go at it, while the going is good.

Speaking of going when the going is good, I just got back from some VERY good going!

Yesterday morning, I woke up in Montreal.  (I had breakfast there.)  The morning before that I woke up in France.  (Also had breakfast.)
A couple mornings before that I woke up in England, before that Holland, and Spain, and… you get the point.  LOTS of delicious breakfasts (mostly muesli, in fact.)
So I was on a trip!  For a couple of weeks.  Visiting some very lovely friends, in some very lovely places.
And it was wonderful.  And I’m sure glad I went, when the going was good!

And I’m happy to be home, and since this is where I usually have all my brain surgeries (except for that one in Hong Kong), I figure what the hell, how ’bout another!  Less than 24 hours after I arrived!

And in case you’re worried– don’t be.  I’m quite sure that the going will still be good later this afternoon, after I wake up from my fifth brain surgery.  And shortly after that, I hope to eat some muesli.  Or pork roll.  Or both.

Good morning!


PS: No, I’m not jogging to the hospital this time, wise ass.  On an empty stomach?  No way!

24 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Having Brain Surgery Today?

  1. Good luck to you sir! May a nice sticky bun find its way to your innards as soon as is humanly feasible!

    Bob Allen, Syracuse

  2. Sending prayers for a great outcome. You are right…. It could have spread all over and it hasn’t! Have a great nap and looking forward to a great outcome Chad!!!

  3. Can’t wait to hear what you have for breakfast tomorrow. Will it be museli? Will it be pancakes? Eggs? I’ll be on the edge of my seat waiting to hear about your breakfast choice. Sending good and healing thoughts for you today.

  4. My family will keep you in our prayers today. And we expect you will enjoy a huge delicious breakfast tomorrow morning.

  5. Godspeed! Blessings and enjoy the nap and the breakfast tomorrow! Thanks for the update. Get rid of that damned tumor and be done with it. Be well. Peggy Selander/ Minnesota ❤️✝

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. Get it the hell out! YES good to hear… Have a speedy recovery! It wouldn’t be you if you weren’t traveling awesome to hear as well!

  7. Chad, I discovered your blog soon after I was diagnosed with glioblastoma in May. It was encouraging to find someone who was alive after four years! I know you’ve had a rough time of it trying to stay ahead of the pesky cancer, but I appreciate your attitude and sense of humor. I’m in a similar situation — best case scenario when it comes to this crappy form of cancer. I’m 44 and my tumor was completely removed. No neurological issues. I’m in week five now of treatment, and I was feeling great until just a few days ago. I’m praying for a successful surgery and recovery for you. (It’s slightly selfish, because every time you post I have more hope for myself!)

  8. Good luck ! Hope they don’t leave any medical equipment in your head when they close you up. Maybe you’ll have a permanent french accent or worse, Australian when you wake up.

  9. It’s 2:35 pm and I just read this…You are in surgery right now! And, I know you’re going to be fine. Probably a doozie of a headache…but you’ll have pain relievers., there’s that. And, slow growing is very good. And, I’ll be thinking of you with love

  10. Hope you wake up with a squeaky clean cancer-free brain and are able to enjoy breakfast foods of your choice soon!

  11. Thanks for the update. My family sends love good wishes that your glioblastoma’s slow growth means it is giving up the ghost, and will now take the hint and leave forever. Also that you recover easily and quickly from Surgery #5, and that future breakfasts are completely compensatory. And that any needed pain med is effective and gentle. Be well!

  12. 5 brain surgeries?! Man, you consistently make me feel like such a slacker. Wishing you a speedy recovery full of muesli.

  13. I hope everything goes extremely well! I’ve been following you for some months now and you are just the most inspiring person I’ve ever had the pleasure of “meeting” (reading?). Best wishes.
    Maria (from Spain)

  14. Good luck today, Chad! You’re possibly already done? Looking forward to another excellent post-Op bed picture with fresh head stitches!!

  15. Good luck!! I found your blog after my husband’s brain tumor was found. I cannot tell you how amazing your blog was to find!! He had his brain surgery a few weeks ago and I kept teasing him about running to his surgery. Thanks for sharing your journey and making people like us laugh even in the darkest of times! What an amazing gift! Godspeed today!

  16. Good luck Chad, I have had the pleasure of following your story for well over a year. You are an inspiration. I am sure it will be a while before we get an update but I wanted to wish you well and let you know that you have a lot of people pulling for you.

    When you do feel better please post and update or if a relative could post something letting everyone know Chad is doing well it would be appreciated.

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