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This page will let you read the story of my BrainChance™ from the very beginning all the way up to the very latest. Chronologically. Like a book.

Because that’s how it happened. You know, not logically, but chronologically. Like a book.

If you’re interested in The Whole Story, just click on the links below — the 1st one (Diagnoseeshio della Brainpiece) is at the top, so start from there.  That’s when the Brain Chance clock started ticking.

Thankfully, that clock continues to tick. Funny how something can simultaneously be unnerving and life affirming…

Tick tock!

  • Diagnoseeshio della Brainpiece (4/14/2012) - (editor’s note:  This is the original email I sent from the hospital in Hong Kong, trying to explain everything that was going on.) Hey Everybuddy! OK so here’s the news, it’s not really good or bad, it just is what … Continue reading
  • So How Did You Know You Had a Brain Tumor? (4/30/2012) - This is a question I’ve been asked a lot, mainly by people who have this worried look on their face like they’ve been suspecting for years that something was terribly wrong and that they themselves might have a brain tumor. … Continue reading
  • Zipper Head (5/1/2012) - This picture was taken a few days after my first brain surgery, in Hong Kong.  The bandages slipped off at one point in the night, and when I reached up to pull them back down I felt something… square and … Continue reading
  • Did You Go to Hong Kong Just to get Brain Surgery? (6/2/2012) - I’m not sure where this rumor started, although it may be related to the fact that there was an article in the New York Times on medical tourism right around the time all of this was happening. But no, I … Continue reading
  • So when do you start treatment? (6/2/2012) - I’m starting chemo / radiation treatment on Monday,  June 4th, at 4:15 pm. Well, technically I start Sunday night right before I go to bed, when I’m supposed to take a pill. This pill is actually the chemo– it’s not … Continue reading
  • So How Are You Doing? (6/2/2012) - I’m doing great, thanks!   How are you doing?  
  • Tumor Tee (6/3/2012) - Just found this remarkably appropriate t-shirt in the Altru Apparel spring/summer collection. Thanks to Charlie & Jonny for making this happen!
  • So far so good (6/4/2012) - Took the first chemo pills last night and haven’t noticed any unpleasant side effects at all yet, which I’m really hoping continues to be the case. Well there is one weird thing… a small malodorous man growing out of my … Continue reading
  • Off to radiation. (6/4/2012) - Thankfully Cedars Sinai has really good parking for motorcycles. It’s only a 5 minute brain-blast that I have to do, 5 days a week for the next 6 weeks, so it shouldn’t be too bigadeel.  And I’ve already got this … Continue reading
  • I Feel Fine (6/5/2012) - “How are you feeling?” Been getting this question a lot, and this is the best way I can explain it at the moment: {To the tune of the Beatles’ “I Feel Fine”} Brainy’s good to me you know, She’s happy … Continue reading
  • How’s the Chemo/Radiation Going? (6/6/2012) - Relatively uneventful so far, which is to say: good I guess!  No ill side effects at all (aside from the fact that Kuato has shriveled up and fallen off my chest– I was starting to grow fond of the smelly … Continue reading
  • The Danger of Stopping to Smell the Roses (6/12/2012) - So this morning (all night in fact) I’m awoken by the car alarm screel of the mockingbirds that have been terrorizing my neighborhood for the last two months.  Really great timing on their part, what with me feeling nauseous 24 … Continue reading
  • We need to talk… It’s about Brandon. (6/13/2012) - There was some debate last night over whether I should bestow my brain chance with a proper name. Like Brandon. As in:  “What do you mean I didn’t bring anything to the party?  I brought Brandon!”  or  “I wouldn’t have … Continue reading
  • How’s the Chemo/Radiation Going? Part Deux. (6/14/2012) - Ten days in and things are… well let’s just say that I hope it’s doing something to the brain chance, cuz it’s definitely doing something to the rest of me. THE RADIATION is fine… if anything it’s nice to be … Continue reading
  • The Most Depressing Thing About Brain Cancer (6/27/2012) - The most depressing thing about brain cancer is reading about brain cancer, which I just made the mistake of doing despite knowing it was a bad idea, and which you are now doing despite me having previously warned you not … Continue reading
  • How’s the Chemo/Radiation Going Part III: Return to Kowloon (6/28/2012) - I’m not really returning to Kowloon, I just wanted to follow the crappy movie sequel title format for this post.  Speaking of Kowloon though, I just remembered that most of my original brain tumor is actually still over there, in … Continue reading
  • ObamaCares (6/29/2012) - And that is the only reason I have health insurance right now. The Affordable Care Act is currently in the process of saving my life.  So you can imagine the joy and profound sense of hope that I felt this … Continue reading
  • How’s the Chemo/Radiation Going Part IV: A New Hope (7/10/2012) - So turns out that subjecting yourself to an intense regimen of chemotherapy and brain radiation for 37 days straight can kinda wear you down a bit. Not that I wouldn’t recommend it– especially if, like me, you’ve got a serious … Continue reading
  • Round 1 Complete: Lifting The Velvet Fog (7/18/2012) - Time to celebrate with… another nap! It gets to the point where you can’t help but find the humor in rolling out of bed, having a cup of coffee, looking outside at another beautiful sunny day, stretching your arms above … Continue reading
  • So What’s Next? (7/25/2012) - I’m sure you’re as tired of hearing about me being tired as I’m tired of both being tired and talking about being tired, so I’ll avoid mentioning that even though the 6 weeks of chemo and radiation ended last week, … Continue reading
  • Take a brainchance and stick THIS in your armpit! (8/13/2012) - So it’s too bad I wasn’t diagnosed with this most aggressive form of brain cancer a few months earlier, or I totally could have made it onto the Sanjay Gupta, MD show on CNN. This story just aired a few … Continue reading
  • Thank You (8/31/2012) - There was a doctor in the hospital in Hong Kong I met with only once; he was the resident neurooncologist (brain cancer doc, the equivalent of my current Doctor Who) and he came to see me in my hospital room … Continue reading
  • I’ve started to dream again (9/28/2012) - Not the sleeping kind– I’ve had those all along.  (I think.  It’s hard to say, I have a lemon-sized hole in my brain.) Rather, I’ve begun again to have the kinds of dreams that you have in fits and flashes … Continue reading
  • I’m Definitely Turning 37 (10/13/2012) - A fact which, a year ago today, I would have been surprised to learn is coming as a bit of a relief. One thing this whole experience has taught me is why people celebrate birthdays in the first place: what … Continue reading
  • Every New Post Means I’m Not Dead Yet! (11/10/2012) - Unless I hired a ghost writer, of course.  Or became a Ghost-Writer (which is not as cool as being a Ghost Rider, but since I have a motorcycle I could potentially become both in the afterlife).  Or unless I turned my … Continue reading
  • So What Happens Now? (11/26/2012) - The original purpose of this blog was to keep everybody up to date and informed about my surgeries and treatments (voodoo and otherwise), but I’m afraid the length-density of my posts and all the crappy jokes have tended to bury … Continue reading
  • Made It! (1/1/2013) - Birthday!  Touchdown!  Peacock 37, Brain Chance 1. Ever since I was a kid, I always defaulted to the number 37 when I needed a random number for something.  It just always seemed to clearly be the weirdest, most random number … Continue reading
  • Positive Side Effects (1/14/2013) - It’s occurred to me more than once since the advent of this brainy chance that it’s actually kind of odd (and possibly even illogical, based purely on the laws of chance) that all the medications and chemotions and invisible death … Continue reading
  • The Brainchanceification Proclamation (1/29/2013) - If anything should ever happen to me (in an untimely fashion that is, where “timely” is defined as, I don’t know, 77 years old?)  I’d like somebody to deliver the following address at my funeral. Dressed in an Abraham Lincoln … Continue reading
  • Possibilities / Poshopeilities (2/26/2013) - The most exciting thing about life to me has always been its endless possibilities: I saw the future as some kind of great wide open, like a Montana sky (which I’ve never actually seen in person, but which itself frequently … Continue reading
  • A One Year Brain Chanceiversary (4/10/2013) - And so it was exactly one year ago today that I was in Hong Kong. And all I got was this lousy brain tumor. But wait, that’s not exactly true (even though I asserted as much on a t-shirt).  No … Continue reading
  • I’m havin’ a real hard time (5/23/2013) - getting through this. I’m having a real hard time knowing where this is going.  Figuring out how I’m gonna get there.  Trusting that even if I do get there, that there’s something waiting for me on the other side.  (And … Continue reading
  • Seized Mon Day (5/31/2013) - Delight in the abstract and specific joys of the world around you, for in it are hidden and revealed a constant stream of surprises that in their least provide enough energy for happiness and at their greatest allow for utter … Continue reading
  • I just caught myself… (6/23/2013) - …reading one of my own blog posts to cheer me up… And it worked! Which is good, cuz I really needed it. But wait, if I’m using my past self to cheer up my present self, then who’s gonna cheer … Continue reading
  • Squeeze The Day (7/15/2013) - Hi everybody, Just a little update: I’ve got an MRI tomorrow, and for some reason it’s the 1st one that I’m actually a little nervous about. This isn’t for any specific reason, so don’t worry any more than you may … Continue reading
  • The Meaning of Life * (7/15/2013) - * …is the name of the movie I was watching and paused to write what lies below.  I’d never be so pretentious (or presumptuous) as to title a blog post “The Meaning of Life” and actually mean it.   That … Continue reading
  • Thoughts on Death (And smoothies. And hospitals.) (7/16/2013) - I’m vaguely enjoying the weight of this morning (2 hours before I go into the MRI machine— this MRI that’s finally making me nervous), I think because it reminds me of the… (wait for it, searching for the word… one … Continue reading
  • Good News / Bad News (7/22/2013) - I realize I generated a bit of a suspense by not updating with the results of my MRI on Tuesday (thanks to all of you who messaged me individually asking what happened).  While that cliffhanger was unintentional, it did get … Continue reading
  • Thank You (Part Deux) (7/30/2013) - If I may allow myself to quote my… self (see how ridiculously narcissistic this blogging thing starts to get?), there was something I said a few dozen posts back that I feel the need to repeat: Thank you. Some very … Continue reading
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Brain Tumors (8/2/2013) - One of the nifty features of writing a blog (instead of a book, or a journal, or a fortune cookie fortune) is you can see exactly how many people are reading it, where they’re reading from (I know you’re on … Continue reading
  • The Acadian Cure (8/5/2013) - I’ve been exploring an idea for some time now about the nature of the word “cure.”  When you have cancer (even better: brain cancer!  Whoopty-doo!) you’re hyper-aware of the fact that there is no cure.  There is no one thing … Continue reading
  • PURSUING THE PARK CURE (8/22/2013) - While by that title you may think I’m hunting down a deft South Korean neuro-oncologist who’s on the verge of something big, the happy pursuit I’m actually referring to is the continuation of my recent theory that United States National … Continue reading
  • In The Mood For Absorption (and Blaming) (8/23/2013) - At the very end of Wong Kar-wai’s film “In The Mood For Love” (which by a great leap of luck I just saw in the theater), a quote appears on the screen that has nothing to do with what I’ve … Continue reading
  • Woke Up This Morning To A Smoothie (8/27/2013) - Unfortunately it wasn’t the mixed berry kind I’d had yesterday. No, this morning in the midst of an early snugglefest with Dutch de Dog, something trippy clicked in the old brain piece, and I felt like I might be on … Continue reading
  • So You’re Thinking Of Getting Brain Cancer… (9/6/2013) - Having had it for over a year now, I can say without hesitation that it might not be all that bad of an idea.  So if you’re feeling it, then by all means,  please get it!  We’d be happy to … Continue reading
  • Start With The T’s. (9/8/2013) - I’d like a long old life. I’d need one to be able to even scratch the surface of the outer crust of all the things I’d really rather know inside and out. The world is too complex now — it’s … Continue reading
  • MRI RESULTS: A RHAPSODY IN BLUE! (9/12/2013) - Sorry to have created another cliff hanger by not posting about this until a few days late.   Life got in the way.  Which is a good thing, because if it’s still getting in the way that means it’s still … Continue reading
  • SEIZING FRIDAYS: The Inconvenient Truth About Smoothies (9/14/2013) - You had a great day, you were relatively alert and awake. (Which is rare, but maybe getting less so?)  You got some work done, and you had a great meeting about your writing where you were not only talkative (and … Continue reading
  • When is it going to stop? (9/25/2013) - When will this feeling stop? I’m so tired of it. I feel like I’m living inside a bubble, where the full clarity of my mind and unfiltered connection with the world around me exists outside of that bubble. And I … Continue reading
  • Fishing For Thought (9/27/2013) - Normally excited excitable exciting inciting neurons now fire and fade in my mind like they’re covered by a wet blanket. The initial pulse of a thought is still clear… recognizable as something interesting or joy-inducing or worth pursuing.  But it’s … Continue reading
  • Finding Meaning in Suffering, and Beauty in Death (10/11/2013) - THERE’S A WEIGHT TO ALL OF THIS, to being so close to death so unexpectedly, that in terms of the absolute value of experience is far beyond anything that I’ve experienced so far in my life.  It out-joys the most … Continue reading
  • Having Something To Look Forward To… (10/22/2013) - … might just be everything. Having something to look forward to means you have hope.  And when you have hope, your concern is focused on something positive that’s coming your way.  Your outlook is bright (or in the very least … Continue reading
  • LIVING EVERY DAY LIKE IT’S YOUR LAST (11/4/2013) - …is a goddamn terrible idea.  If any person or self help book or famous quotes website has ever recommended you try living every day like it’s your last, I guarantee the person doing the recommending has never tried it herself.  … Continue reading
  • Writing and Writing in the Widening Gyre (11/5/2013) - Writing is the only thing I want to be doing… except all the pointless distractions that I invent to prevent myself from getting in the chair. Even once in the chair, there I go writing something like this instead of … Continue reading
  • God Is In The Pattern, and The Pattern Is Good (11/6/2013) - “God is what’s good in me.” – John Gunther, Jr. As an unashamed atheist it surprises me the comfort and solace I find in a Catholic church.  But when I ponder this (the structure, the history, the longevity, and my reaction … Continue reading
  • Clinical Trials (11/11/2013) - I  am a human being with a type of cancer in my brain for which there is no cure. To recap (in case you haven’t been following this blog, or if you have and I’ve obfuscated the situation with my … Continue reading
  • My Routine Inspection (11/16/2013) - Another day, another cliffhanger. But let’s put this particular one to a quick end (because god knows we want to prolong the Big One as long as possible): The results of My Routine braInspection this week were… GOOD! NFL SuperRef … Continue reading
  • Minimize My Morbidity! (11/22/2013) - The 4th Quadrennial meeting of the World Federation of Neuro-Oncology is being held in SanFrancisco at this very moment. (They should have hired me to do their logo.  How there is no giant glowing brain on the far side of … Continue reading
  • ObamaCares Part 2: I’m Covered, and So Are You (12/4/2013) - Breathing any kind of sigh of relief has extra meaning for me these days, and this morning I got to let out a very important and very relieving sigh. Thanks to the Afforable Care Act (and to my mom, who … Continue reading
  • To miss, to miss nothing (12/20/2013) - I’d forgotten what it was like to miss someone, because I’d trained myself during the course of my first love (which was both very long, and very long-distance) to become numb to that emotion.  I either couldn’t handle that enduring … Continue reading
  • Cure Your Own Cancer! Write All About It! (1/9/2014) - It’s funny to think there was a moment when I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be writing about cancer.  It made me nervous.  I was already thinking about it too much, trying NOT to think about it so much.  … Continue reading
  • Incidentally… (1/9/2014) - The MRI on Tuesday looked good.  My brain looks clean. A few days before that, on January 2nd, I finished the thing I’ve been desperately trying to finish in the event that I’ll soon be finished.  I’m extraordinarily proud of … Continue reading
  • You’re Cancerful! (A Public Service Announcement from The Brain Chancery) (1/21/2014) - You’ve got cancer — congratulations!  I say that as a joke, but the actual funny thing is this: Whenever I hear a friend mention lately that someone they know has cancer, the first thought that runs through my head (I’m … Continue reading
  • Hi! (3/14/2014) - I’m still alive! Just thought I’d mention that, in case you were wondering. A few people have asked about the blog recently, and I realized it was starting to look like one of those “Super Inspirational Blogs Written By a Glioblastoma … Continue reading
  • Death, Life, and Cancer Zombies (3/27/2014) - I’m reading a wonderful book about cancer— a biography of cancer— called “The Emperor of All Maladies.”  I would recommend it to anyone interested in both the story and the biology of this disease, as it’s filled with enough juicy … Continue reading
  • Brain Chanceiversary 2: Another Rhapsody In Blue! (4/10/2014) - So I think the ghost of George Gershwin is haunting me. I woke up this morning, April 10th, 2014, and realized it was my 2-year Brain Chanceiversary. This was the day, two years ago (TWO YEARS AGO!) that I had my first … Continue reading
  • Return To Kowloon, Part 1: Guess What I Just Did? (4/25/2014) - I flew to Hong Kong. And this time, despite the T-Shirt, I’m totally sure I’m not gonna get a brain tumor.  Hell I’m so sure of that, I’m not even going to bother to get an MRI while I’m here! “But isn’t that what you normally do when … Continue reading
  • Return To Kowloon, Part 2: a Spoiler, a Thank You, and a Possible Seizure (5/2/2014) - PREVIOUS POST: Return To Kowloon, Part 1: Guess What I Just Did? The Spoiler: I am no longer in Hong Kong, or in Kowloon.  Because I am home. I flew to Hong Kong… and back!  And I didn’t even get a lousy … Continue reading
  • Return To Kowloon, Part 3: Return to Hong Kong (5/2/2014) - PREVIOUS POST: Return To Kowloon, Part 2: Prelude, Thanks, and a Possible Seizure So here we go with the “real time” notes & pics from my  few days in Hong Kong… Saturday April 26th, 1:39PM Hotel Room, Hong Kong Island. “It feels … Continue reading
  • Return To Kowloon, Part 4: Finally Returning to Kowloon (5/2/2014) - PREVIOUS POST: Return To Kowloon, Part 3: Return to Hong Kong Monday, April 28th, 11AM On the Star Ferry to Kowloon Crossing the harbor to Kowloon… to go find Saint Teresa. Being on this ferry feels like being in Atlantic City.   Old … Continue reading
  • Return To Kowloon, Part 5: The Pilgrimage of Saint Teresa (5/2/2014) - PREVIOUS POST: Return To Kowloon, Part 4: Finally Returning to Kowloon As my mother pointed out when we arrived for the first time at this hospital, Saint Teresa is the patron saint of headache sufferers and writers. Holy Kowloon, I couldn’t have picked a … Continue reading
  • 2 YEARS + 3 BRAIN SURGERIES = I’M STILL HERE! (6/20/2014) - I had a plan for this post for a couple of weeks now.  I have had brain cancer for two years now– which is almost oxymoronic (and therefore a good thing), since “two years” and “brain cancer” don’t normally go hand in hand. So … Continue reading
  • Success! What’s Next! (6/26/2014) - So around 4AM on Tuesday morning, I woke up, put my sneakers on, and jogged to the hospital.  For brain surgery. I’d meant to run here two years ago for my second surgery, but I didn’t because I didn’t want … Continue reading
  • Well How Do You Like That? (8/5/2014) - There’s a story that I wrote before I became Cancerful, one that I’d been working on for a long time (I’ve continued to work on it while being Cancerful, and hope to one day work on it post-Cancerful).  It’s a story about … Continue reading
  • Inspiration (8/11/2014) - As much as you know you have to, it’s just hard having to convince yourself every single day to keep going, to keep doing this. It’s just hard, and I’m just tired.  I’m tired of it sometimes.  Like right now. And … Continue reading
  • Update: It’s Good! (8/29/2014) - Had an MRI this morning— the first one I’ve had since my 3rd(!) brain surgery, on June 24th. I like to try really hard not to worry too much or nervously anticipate these eight-week brain parole hearings, since they come … Continue reading
  • A Sunday Homily (8/31/2014) - So much of what we build, so much of what we paint, so much of what we create, is in essence a reflection of our realization and deep desire to ignore that we are going to die. We are probably the … Continue reading
  • You Will Always Have Been Here (10/7/2014) - I’m tired. But this time, it isn’t from chemo.  Or radiation.  Or having my head opened up and fiddled around with for a third or fourth time. This time, I’m tired because I’ve been working.  Hard.  Building something.  And this kind … Continue reading
  • I Turned 39 Because I Am Alive (12/29/2014) - Yesterday, I turned 39 years old. The major reason for this is that I am still alive. Here’s a heartening fact for those of you with glioblastoma (since, if you have it, heartening facts are unusually difficult to come by): … Continue reading
  • 2015 So Far (2/2/2015) - 2014 didn’t end so great.  I got the flu, and I almost pooped my pants.  At least I got to do both of those things with my family, where where I grew up, which is a real pretty place: Also, despite my last … Continue reading
  • Camp Cancerful (3/2/2015) - Last week I did something I never thought I’d do.  Wait, no– I did two things I never thought I’d do: 1) I went to Cancer Camp. 2) I went ice climbing.  At Cancer Camp. That’s right: last week, I flew all the … Continue reading
  • Amazing. (4/14/2015) - Those of you who know me well know my distaste for the rampant overuse of the word “amazing.” “Oh my god these fucking cupcakes are AMAZING!” Shut up, no they’re not.  Unless they were baked with strains of wheat re-engineered … Continue reading
  • Carry Away, Carry On (5/6/2015) - I’ve been thinking a lot, and what I’ve thought is that… it’s a lot to think about. Being an alive person in the world is a lot to think about. For example I think, therefore I am.  But then what … Continue reading
  • What’s Cooler Than Having 3 Brain Surgeries? (5/14/2015) - QUESTION: What’s cooler than having three brain surgeries? ANSWER: Having three brain surgeries, and not having brain cancer anymore. Hmm– that’s not exactly what I have in mind.  (Pun very much intended.) Let’s try again: QUESTION: What’s cooler than having … Continue reading
  • The Uncommon Cold (6/14/2015) - Some more info on my upcoming Fourth Grand Opening: I mentioned a few weeks ago when we discovered that my cancer is back that I might be able to get into a brand new clinical trial for GBM.  It took … Continue reading
  • I Ran to Brain Surgery #4, And All I Got Was The Worst Headache Of My Life (6/24/2015) - Sorry for the delay in updating (you’re about to see why), so I’ll start with the results: • The surgery went PERFECTLY!  The visible tumor mass we saw on my MRI a month ago had not grown much at all, and … Continue reading
  • A Very Uncommon Cold: I Sprung A Leak! (6/27/2015) - So, a common thing you can expect, when you have a common head cold, is clear liquid dripping out of your face.  Usually your nose.  When you’ve got the Uncommon Cold™, however (as I do), you might be surprised to find yourself with … Continue reading
  • What A Trial! (And why it’s worth it.) (7/5/2015) - Turns out when it comes to brain surgery, the 4th time = not a charm. Well, I suppose it has had its charms… I mean, the surgery itself DID go extremely well: all the visible brain chance was removed, and I was able … Continue reading
  • “How Are You?” “Not That Great! And Great! And In Pain! and Also Sometimes Not!” (8/5/2015) - I don’t know if I’m the only Cancerful person who is driven (slightly closer) to the edge of madness by this well-meaning question: “How are you?” And its equally well-meaning normally-rhetorical cousins “How are you feeling?” / “doing?” / “holding … Continue reading
  • An Uncommon Two Months (8/18/2015) - When last we heard from our intrepid Brain Chancerian, he was sitting on his parents’ porch, luxuriously breathing fresh air from a wide open outside sky while bitchily typing on his blog about how difficult it is having people ask him “How … Continue reading
  • What a Summer! What…? A Summer? (9/7/2015) - Now that the summer of 2015 is (unofficially) over, I’m left wondering what it was like.  See, a few days before it started, on June 18th, I had my 4th brain surgery, and in the 11.6 weeks since then I’ve … Continue reading
  • An Update! (He Said Succinctly) (9/22/2015) - I don’t normally say–well, write–things succinctly, so I’m going to try with this post.  Watch me go!  Succinctly! For the benefit of our audience who might not recognize that word, here it is… in 11 different languages! Which one’s your … Continue reading
  • Am I Enjoying This? (9/29/2015) - I just found something that I had written in my journal that I (of course) barely remember writing, but luckily I had marked the page with a sticky and a big message saying “BLOG THIS!” See, there it is, resting on … Continue reading
  • I’m leaving the hospital! (10/30/2015) - Which means I’ve been in the hospital. Which may come as a surprise, since I have not updated this blog on my most recent brain-chancering. But luckily I have been reprimanded about this enough (even by people I have never … Continue reading
  • Pressure (12/10/2015) - It seems that pressure has been a recurrent theme around this Cancerful brain lately– and I’ve certainly been feeling a lot of it– physically and emotionally and, well, spiritually I guess.  But let’s start with the physical pressure, as that’s the easiest to … Continue reading
  • Searching For Inspiration (1/14/2016) - The word “Inspiration” has been a big theme around here at the Brain Chancery, pretty much since the beginning.  People have used that word in regards to this blog, and to myself, which always makes me feel a little uncomfortable, … Continue reading
  • There’s No Such Thing As Giving Up (2/3/2016) - I realize the title of this post sounds like some kind of inspirational, self-help aphorism (like, “There is no ‘I’ in “team” [or “cancer,” for that matter]), but I don’t mean it that way.  I mean it literally.  I have … Continue reading
  • I’m Sick. (and I kinda like it.) (2/19/2016) - So I think I’m sick.  But I’m kind of digging it.  Which, if you’ve seen me squeezing all sorts of fun out of having cancer, may not surprise you.  But this time, it’s a little different. Allow me explain… The last couple of … Continue reading
  • Finding Bright Spots (3/28/2016) - To be clear, the title of this post is not referring to my MRI scan.  That’s not until tomorrow, and we’re not expecting to find any bright spots.  (That’s a cancer joke, in case you missed it.  A Cancerful Double … Continue reading

14 thoughts on “Read The Whole Story

  1. I was invited to a fundraiser this evening for you and while I wasn’t able to attend, I did read your blog. It is funny, honest, heartfelt and at times heartbreaking. I am honored to be able to share in your journey and am rooting for you in your quest to live and LIVE!

  2. I love your writing, it is so honest and it makes me laugh despite the fact that I am worrying as I read it. Keep fighting the good fight, I am counting on it.

  3. Hi Chad, was just diagnosed on Friday (it’s now Tuesday), and your blog makes me laugh – and cry. Or maybe that’s just the medication talking, I’m on seizure-watch for another 8 days till they operate, and so, gee is this what PMS feels like? Just started reading, and hope I get through the whole thing before the big day. You turn a phrase like no other, thank you!

  4. Chad, my brother in Shanghai was diagnosed yesterday and needs to find a surgeon; can you post the name of your doctor and surgeon and the facility where you were treated in Hong Kong? I’m assuming you would recommend them. Thank you…Marianne

  5. My 28 year old daughter was dx on Feb 7 2014 with GBM4 …she has been bedridden since dx pretty much. Tumors took her entire right side before any other symptoms. Hers was inoperable and only 6 weeks of radiation…chemo depleted her platelets right off the bat so it was no longer an option for her. Her prognosis at that point was mid to end of June 2014. Her son turned 3 on June 6th. She was happy to be here for that. Then Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year…she is still here and still laughing and still making others laugh! There is definitely medicine in laughter!!! Thank you for sharing yours!!!

  6. I am inspired. I don’t have cancer, at least not to my knowledge, so I feel like a fraud on here, but I just had to say thank you. Reading how positive and full of life you are makes me sit back and appreciate the beauty and bounty in my own life.
    Keep on keeping on.

  7. August 2015: I am sunbathing on a beach in Turkey with my girlfriend and she notices that I am crying. I tell her I’m listening to a radio programme about Gershwin’s ‘Rhapsody In Blue’ that I’ve downloaded from BBC Radio 4. ‘There’s an American man describing how he is suffering from cancer and how he goes to a Gershwin concert at the Hollywood bowl and in the background the music just swells up and . . . ‘

    April 2016: I am having some trouble speaking and have lost some control in my right hand. I am sent to hospital where tests and scans show that I have a brain tumour. I’m in hospital and I can’t sleep. I take out my mp3 player and find the download of the American man on the .programme about Gershwin and listen to him talking about the music and about being ‘cured’ and the music swells up behind him and I am crying again.

    I note his name and look him up and read his blog and it’s great.

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  9. Hi Chad, I’m reading through all of your powerful, insightful, and entertaining posts. Amazed by your ability to simultaneously think about yourself while deeply observing your thoughts and circumstances.
    All the best,

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